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  • Welcome 

    We are a jewellery manufactuer located in Chessy,France. Our main items are sterling silver 925 and highly Gold Filled 18kt gold 3 micron(Made in France) jewelry since Dec 2005.

    Today, the economic situation is changing very rapidly. The more and more peoples has less budget to bring them satisfaction from nice pieces. and The gold price is increasing. 

    We are working hard to supply the nice pieces at highly competitive price to ensure our customer's margin and  supply at reasonable price for our valued final customers.

    Our staffs are available to answer all the questions you might have. Business service is the important factor we put more value into.

    • We deliver the goods 1-2 business days (without transport time)
    • Showroom in headquarter Chessy, France (You may visit our showroom to see all items)
    • Adding new designs every week

    • More than 2000 SKUs(designs)
    • Real-time availability of stock


    We are try our best to work for you in order to bring your business success.

  • Dear 

    Our company, MAXEVAN DIFFUSION is established in Dec 2005 with passion and
    inspiration.  During last a few decades, we have worked very hard to make our customers satisfy for ROI(Return of Investment) and your successful business. 
    Our main products are 18kt gold 3 micron products and sterling silver 925 rhodium plating with CZ or natural stone setting, and hand-made jewelry. (Bridge jewelery)

    We have defective return rate(includes with defective items) are less than 1% from totally sold. So your margin is guaranteed and your all after-services are covered at no risk. You will not have any disappoint for work with our company. All successful stories have been proved it by times.

    Our market sharing is about 50% in France and other countries cover  50% all other countries like Belgium, USA, Ireland, UK, and Sweden, South Korea, Australia, etc. 

    Unique design at high quality 18kt gold 3 micron products are affordable price range which are sales rate like Sterling Silver 925 products.

    If you are looking for good supplier who can work with you, and if you are looking for nice products for your business success,

    you are on the right place. 

    Samuel YB JANG
    23 Mar 2023

  • We have

    • Sales Revenue : 3M€ / (Retail value : 10  ME)
    • Stock shipment service : 48 hrs
    • Retail sales stores : 180
    • Sold quantity : 450 000 pieces/year
    • Stock (SKU) : 2000
    • Yearly Sales Revenue : 3 M€ (Retail value : 10 M€)

    We are looking for our distributers for our brand and pour our products worldwide.
    Most our customers are chain stores, and distributers, and jewelry brand company.

    No branded acitivity
    1. OEM - with your brand name
    1. Wholesale
    1. Your own design production (MOQ)
    1. 2400 SKU en stock

    Branded Business
    We are lookinga company who can do sell our products in your own country. The partnercompany are required to have business experience and financially wellmanaged.
    • Average margin : 60-70%
    • Not available France, Sweden,Ireland, South Korea, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia 
    • Available Macau, Qatar,Singapore, Bermuda, Luxumbourg, Brunei, UAE, Norway, USA, Hong Kong, Denmark,Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Cayman Islands, Belgium, Australia, Iceland,Finland, Canada, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel, Spain,China, Thaliland, Cyprus, Poland, Russia, etc.

     If any companyinterested in being partners, please send us your company profile and recentfinancial statement, and your plan to the email at

  • Some marketers say 'life-time guarantee', but it is possible based on usage of jewelry. Most our 18kt Gold Product can endure at least couple of years (of course, it depends on its usage of jewelry, or chemical products used for soap and shampoo or not etc). 
    The category of products are selling with same as group of Sterling Silver 925 rhodium products. The retail price range stays almost same level of price range like US 30$ - 200$ depends on its cost. 
    It is made in France by European REACH law. By EU regulation law, we do not use any chemical metals used like Plomb, Cadmium, or Nickel etc. It is free of heavy metals.

    * Sterling Silver  925 Rhodium plating
     All our sterling silver 925 items has real original rhodium plating to protect the surface from oxydation. Sterling silver has at least 92.5% pure silver used for all our silver items.

    All our products are guaranteed for minimum 3 years. So, you do not have to worry about gold filled tarnishing, because our experience show the returning rate is less than 1% for all sold items, also the gold 18kt 3 micron can stay very long times.

  • We ensure compliance with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). Under REACH, articles (that is, finished products) cannot be sold if they exceed limits for certain chemical substances, such as heavy metals. 

    All our products are made in control of REACH law.
    Annex XVII n. 23, 27, and 63 of the REACH Regulation sets specific restrictions on the maximum allowable content of cadmium, nickel, and lead applicable to articles with metal components:

    Substance Applicable threshold for restriction
    Cadmium no greater than 0.01% by weight

    Rate of nickel release (migration limit):

    • less than 0.2 μg/cm²/week for jewelry intended to be inserted into pierced ears and other pierced parts of the human body
    • no greater than 0.5 μg/cm²/week for jewelry intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin
    Lead no greater than 0.05% by weight

    For more information for REACH, please visite web site ECHA.